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Wool Other


(Production Excess Wool--Priced Individually)
Please note these ARE NOT "next-to-skin" wools; it is "rug wool" which can be "fulled" if desired.

 Item: 3-Ply Wool Krinkle
7 wpi ~ 200 ypp (approx.)
$7.00 lb.

L to R:  Off White/Cream, Brown, Camel

 Item: 2/54 Wool/Poly Blend
16 wpi ~ 900 ypp
$7.00 lb.
Very Strong
Would make great rug warp!
(Most cones are approx. 3-1/2 lbs.)


L to R:  Pale Wheat, Fawn (sold out), Sage

Item: 4/6 Rug Wool+Color
4 wpi ~ 100 ypp
$7.00 lb.

This makes a wonderful WEFT!
It's "squishy" enough to beat in nicely.
Use our 2/65 or 3/36 or 3/44 Rug Wool for Warp.
(See Photos to right.)

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