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Bagged Wool

”Bagged Wool” ~ $4 per pound

 New Zealand Moth-Proofed & Scoured Rug Wool

This is “PE” Yarn (“Production Excess” Yarn)

This beautiful yarn has been gently “slid off the cone”
and has a center pull or outside thread.

Note:  Shades may vary from shipment to shipment even if the names are the same.
Also, an occasional odd color may be mixed in that was missed during sorting.

ORDER INFO:  Bagged Wool + Bag# & Pounds

*Same dye lot; bagged separately
“Shades” means there is a slight shade difference from bag to bag.

2/60 SIZE ~ approx. 960 ypp & 16 wpi

Medium Fall







Light Sandstone
Bag 8=5.4 lbs.
Bag 9=5.0 lbs.
Bag 10=12.2 lbs.

Light Palomino
Bag 11A=9.7 lbs*
Bag 11B=9.8 lbs*

Medium Palomino


Bag 14=9.0 lbs

Tan Shades
Bag 15=7.5 lbs

Light Tan Shades
Bag 16A=8.6 lbs*
Bag 16B=7.4 lbs*

Light Khaki
Bag 17A=6.4 lbs
Bag 17B=6.6 lbs

Medium Pebble
Bag 18A=11.4 lbs*
Bag 18B=10.9 lbs*

Medium Pebble
Bag 19A=8.8 lbs*
Bag 19B=7.0 lbs*
Bag 19C=6.8 lbs*

Honey Brown

Bag 20C=6.8 lbs*

Medium Gray

Mixed Shades

Bag 21A=9.6 lbs*

Light Gray

Mixed Shades

Bag 22A=9.0 lbs*
Bag 22B=8.4 lbs*

Bag 22C=8.8 lbs*
Bag 22D=9.0 lbs*

Dove Gray
Bag 23=9.2 lbs

Medium Federal Blue

Bright Navy
Bag 25A=7.8 lbs
Bag 25B=7.0 lbs

Nearly Navy

Bag 26C=10.6 lbs*

Bark Brown


Bag 28A=11.8 lbs*
Bag 28B=11.0 lbs*

Bag 29A=6.0 lbs*
Bag 29B=6.0 lbs*


Mixed Light Grays
(Several shades)
Bag 31=3.49 lbs

Mixed Neutrals
(Medium brown, tan,
sandstone tones)

Bag 31=2.25 lbs


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