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Weaving Workshops

Floor Loom Weaving for Beginners & Beyond--$230 + materials

This is a 3-day workshop designed for the beginning weaver or those needing a refresher class.  One need not know anything about weaving or looms to be suitable for this workshop.

In this class, students will:

  • choose & plan an item to weave
  • choose the yarn
  • warp the loom from start to finish
  • weave the project
  • take the project off the loom

Examples of projects that can be woven in the 3-day workshop:

  • 3 hand or dish towels
  • 2 wool throw rugs
  • 1 shawl/wrap
  • long table runner
  • 4 placemats


Two types of beginner RH classes are available and can be taught one-on-one or 2-3 people in a group:

  • 2-3 hour class if you have your own RH loom--$40 plus yarn fee
  • 3-4 hour class if you use a studio RH loom--$60 plus yarn fee


A $100 deposit is required to secure a spot in the workshop.  The balance is due the first day of the workshop.

If a student cancels within 1 week of the workshop, they forfeit their deposit unless they have made special arrangements with the instructor.

Download the Registration Form below and send with your $100 deposit.

2020  Schedule (other classes may be added as the need arises)

June  11-13  (Th-Sat) Possibly Full--Ask to be added to a "Wait List"

Sept  10-12  (Th-Sat)

If there are at least 3 people interested in a particular class not shown above, we will try to accommodate you.