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Towel Kits for Rigid Heddle & Floor Looms

Quality Weaving Yarns at Discount Prices since 1978!

Prices listed are per pound; but sold by full cones only; no wind-offs.

"Out of the Office" Dates

No Shipping on these Days

Since I am solely responsible for all shipments, there will be days when I will not be available to be in the Store and ship orders.  Please check here to keep up to date on the days I will be "Out of the Office."  Thank you and I apologize in advance for any inconveniences this may cause.




Thank you for visiting our website.  We're glad you found us!  Even though we have a "brick & mortar" store, we are primarily an on-line store--opening for foot traffic by appointment only.  If you are traveling through our area and want to see our yarn "up close and personal," please give us a call and we will try to accommodate you.

We're not your typical yarn store!

  About 20% of our stock is "Regular Stocked Yarn" and about 80% of our inventory changes regularly.  

Regular Stocked Yarns--these are weaving yarns that we keep in stock on a regular basis.  They are mostly natural, undyed selections, but we have a few exceptions.  Our customers tell us our prices are the best around!

Production Excess Yarns (PE)--these are top quality, discount yarns that are "left over" from designer textile manufacturers.  We always try to acquire the highest quality yarns for our customers.  These yarns are deeply discounted and change from month to month.  Our customers tell us they love shopping with us because there is always something new and exciting!

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Regular Stocked Yarn

"Production Excess" Yarn (PE)

"Production Excess" Yarn (PE)


Yarns that are kept in stock

and may be ordered at any time.

"Production Excess" Yarn (PE)

"Production Excess" Yarn (PE)

"Production Excess" Yarn (PE)



These are carefully chosen, top quality yarns that "come & go."  

Limited colors & pounds.  

Check often to see what is new.

Other Products

"Production Excess" Yarn (PE)

Workshops & Classes


Sock Loops, Roving, 

Gift Certificates, etc.

Workshops & Classes

Equipment--New & Used

Workshops & Classes


3-Day Weaving Workshops 

for Beginners on Floor Looms.

Rigid Heddle Loom classes set up as needed.

Annual Festivals

Equipment--New & Used

Equipment--New & Used


An annual event on the front lawn of R&M Yarns geared toward "All-Things Fiber"-- animals & education.  Free Admission.

Equipment--New & Used

Equipment--New & Used

Equipment--New & Used


Schacht & Kromski weaving & spinning equipment & accessories.  

Other products used in weaving and spinning.

Used Equipment Page.

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