Schacht Products


We stock small looms such as the Zoom Loom and Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom as well as assorted shuttles, bobbins, winders, warping boards, etc.

Floor looms and spinning wheels will be ordered with payment due at time of ordering.  Schacht Company will drop-ship to your address.

Go to the Schacht website to see what they offer and let us know if we can help.

Kromski Products


We carry a limited supply of Kromski Rigid Heddle Looms in stock as well as a few stick shuttles, etc.

Spinning Wheels and some Rigid Heddle Looms will be ordered with payment due at time of ordering.

Go to the Kromski website to see what they offer and let us know if we can help.

other equipment

Ball Winder-$36.95


Compact TH700 "Wool Winder"

This ball/wool winder will make a 4-ounce, center-pull ball.  The cylinder size is 3.25" high and 4" across.

Order ID:  Ball Winder

Bobbin Winder-$105


Order ID:  Bobbin Winder

In addition to the Schacht Single-End Bobbin Winder, we offer this option as well.

Crafted from premium smooth unfinished hard maple and maple veneered premium plywood, this winder stands 9-1/2" tall and has a machine ground stainless steel shaft that tapers from .2" at tip to .3125" at base, and will accommodate most commercially available bobbins, and many pirns.  LeClerc bobbins, Schacht pirns and bobbins, and Harrisville bobbins are all known to fit. This winder WILL NOT work with Ashford plastic bobbins.   The bearings are sealed and require no maintenance, and the belt is high-quality, long-lasting urethane belting (the same belting used in many spinning wheels). This bobbin winder winds at a 11:1 ratio (one turn of the wheel turns the bobbin 11 times). 

Fringe Twisters-$16-$25


Order ID:  Fringe Twister (list 2 or 4 prong)

2-Prong-$16; 4-Prong-$25

Made in the USA of hard rock maple.  A "must-have" for all your fringe-twisting projects!

ChiaoGoo Table Top Yarn Swift-$42


Order ID:  ChiaoGoo Yarn Swift

Sits on the table and has non-skid pads on the bottom to keep it from moving around.  Four adjustable pegs can easily be moved to accommodate most hanks of yarn.  It comes apart and everything lies flat for storage!

Folding Scissors-$5.99-$7.50


Order ID:  Folding Scissors (list style)

Standard-$5.99: chrome handles with blunt point

Gold Handle-$7.50: gold handles with blunt point

Needle Point-$7.50: chrome handles with fine, sharp point

"Slip-n-Snip Scissors"--the original inventor and manufacturer of folding scissors.  All components are manufactured in the United States.  No part of the scissors are imported or fabricated outside the
 United States of America. 

Lifetime guarantee from the company.

Floor & Table Loom Reeds


In addition to Schacht Company standard reeds for table and floor weaving looms, we also offer custom reeds.

 Custom reeds require a 50% deposit when ordered with the balance due when shipped.  Please allow 10-14 days after placing order for shipping.

We also stock several sizes of rigid heddles for the Schacht Cricket as well as the Kromski Harp loom.

Used Equipment For Sale

Used Equipment

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