Cotton Blends(PE)

8/4 & 8/8 Cotton-Poly Blend (Eco-Cotton): $8 lb


Please note 8/4 is not available in every color; see chart above.


70% recycled cotton--30% recycled polyester

(see chart above for color & size selection)

Read about this special yarn below.

Order ID:  8/4 Eco-Cotton + Color

Yards per Pound:  1680

Wraps per Inch:  23-25

Cone Weight:  approx. 3.5 pounds

Order ID:  8/8 Eco-Cotton + color

Yards per Pound:  840

Wraps per Inch:  16-18

Cone Weight:  approx. 3.5 pounds

 Must purchase FULL cone. 

This yarn is an “environmentally responsible, recycled yarn" from fabric. It has been spun from recycled dyed fabric scraps to eliminate waste from landfills; no additional dye has been added.  We were very happy to have the opportunity to obtain this yarn.  There is a limited supply available and when it’s gone, it’s gone!   This is NOT an item we will be stocking on a regular basis.

Please note that this yarn has a “heritage” look and feel as a result of the repurposing process.  The 8/4 is not quite as strong as our Natural 8/4 but should be suitable for a warp that does not require excessive tension.

Sample of 8/8 Eco-Cotton


Sett is 10 epi; 15.75" in reed; plain weave.

Sample: "Milky" with "Dark Platinum" down the middle and assorted accent colors on each side.

Total take-up and shrinkage was about 20% in width as well as length.

The end result is a very sturdy runner that behaves nicely on the table.

Cotton-Rayon Blend: $10 lb



 10/2 Cotton & Rayon Blend

This combination of fibers make for a beautiful drape for shawls, scarves, wraps, etc.

Order ID: 10/2 Cotton-Rayon + Color

Yards per Pound:  4200

Wraps per Inch:  36

Cone Weight:  approx. 1 to 1.5 pounds

Please note price is per pound;

NOT per cone.   Must purchase FULL cone. 

Cotton-Wool Blend: $16 per 1/2 lb. Cone



(Reg. Retail: $29.90 per cone)

80% Pima Cotton & 20% Merino Wool

Great for towels, blankets, etc.

Order ID:  BS Cotton Fine + Color

Yards per Pound:  2000

(about the size of a 5/2 cotton)

Wraps per Inch:  24

Cone Weight:  1/2 pound

Please note the price listed is for one cone which is 1/2-pound & about 1000 yards.