Linen (PE)

250 Linen Sample


Advancing Twill Pattern

Warp is 8/4 Black Cotton.

Weft is 250 ypp Natural Linen

250 Linen Sample


Point Twill Pattern

Warp is 8/4 Bleached White Cotton

Weft is 250 ypp Natural Linen

3.5 to 4 Pound Cones


100% Natural Linen-$15 lb


Order ID:  Natural 250 Linen

Yards per Pound:  250

Wraps per Inch:  10

Cone Weight:  3.5 to 4 pounds

Please note price is per pound;

NOT per cone.   Must purchase FULL cone. 

Other "Regular-Stocked" Linen available:  cotton-linen blend and 8/2 Natural Linen.

10 Wraps per Inch

250 ypp Natural Linen

This is a very tightly spun yarn and tends to "kink" or "twist back on itself" when unrolled from the cylinder.  

I ran it through a wet sponge when rolling it onto the bobbin and it helped the "kinking" issue.

I also ran a rod through the center of the cylinder and unrolled it that way--horizontally (this prevented additional, unwanted twist).