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Sock Yarn on Cones

4-Ply Sock Yarn-$50 lb


Order ID:  #530-414 Sock Yarn + # of cones

Fiber Content:  90% merino wool & 10% nylon

Offered in undyed, natural only.

Yards per Pound:  1,960

Wraps per Inch:  24

Cone Weight:  1 to 1.3 pounds (sold by full cone only)

Please note price is per Pound; NOT cone!   Must purchase FULL cone. 

One cone of this sock yarn will create about 6 pairs of socks per cone (depending on the sock size).  This fiber will not "felt" or "full" and is great for weaving as well as sock making.  It dyes beautifully! 

Discounted Brown Sheep Wildfoote Sock Yarn on Cones...1/2 pound cones=$18.

Scroll down for examples of finished products using this yarn.

Sock Yarn on Cones

Sock Yarn on Cones